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FIFA 19 FUT Champions Weekend League Guide: Weekend League Rewards, FUT Champion Rewards, Matchmaking and Qualification
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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is host to a variety of game modes including Squad Battles, Weekend Leagues, Draft and Division Rivals. There's something for every kind of FIFA 19 player. The ultimate challenge though, and the one that a lot of FUT players focus their time on, is FUT Champions.FUT Champions is the new Weekend League, allowing players to play a number of competitive online matches in order to rank at the end of the tournament. Weekend League rewards are given out each week depending on where a player ranks. As the most lucrative mode in FUT 19, players gamble online for the best rewards including FIFA Coins and FUT 19 Packs in the Weekend League. However, you have to qualify for the Weekend League - a hurdle many players failed in previous FIFA parts. The FUT Weekend League is in its third year and has some changes in FIFA 19. Today, our website: mmopm,com will give you all the info you need to know about FUT Champs, Weekend League and all of the rewards associated with them.

FUT Champions

What is FUT Champions Weekend League 
FUT Champions Weekend League is essentially the same as the Weekend League from last year, allowing players to buy into a weekend tournament in which they can earn extremely high rewards. The qualification system has changed, as has the maximum number of games you can play each weekend. It’ s basically the ultimate challenge in FUT 19, pitting you against other players in quick marquee matchups.
FIFA 19 Weekend League Rewards: The Weekly Rewards
Each week, players are given rewards based on their performance in the Weekend League. Depending on how many victories you pick from the maximum of 30 games on a weekend, you will reach one of the ranks.The rewards get better and better the higher the rank that a player achieves, with some seriously awesome rewards reserved for the upper echelon. You can check all the FUT Champs ranks and rewards in the video below, starting from the bottom ranks to the tippy top. You must have played at least 5 games to receive rewards.


How to qualify for FUT Champions Weekend League
Use 2,000 FUT Champion Points Earned From Division Rivals
The FUT Champion Points you earn from playing Divisions Rivals can be used to purchase a slot in the FUT Champions Weekend League. Earn FUT Champion Points Faster in Higher Divisions. The number of Points you get for each Division Rivals match you play will depend on your performance (base Points value) and current Division (multiplier). Players in higher Divisions can earn Points faster is they perform well in a Division Rivals match. By the way, you can buy Cheap FIFA 19 Coins from our website:, a trustworthy, cheap online in-game currency store.
Win 11 Weekend League Matches to Re-qualify
Starting at players with at least 11 wins during the Weekend League, one of the rewards they will receive is 2,000 FUT Champions Points - enough to qualify for another Weekend League.
What else on FUT Champions Weekend League
Unlike the 40 match cap for FIFA 18, FIFA 19 Weekend League matches is capped at 30, reducing the required play time players need to commit to completing the series of matches for the league. Form is the primary consideration for matchmaking, which is the ranking system used for Weekend Leagues, players with similar Form will be then paired during matchmaking. Besides,  location will also play a factor by way of proximity to game servers to ensure quality matches for players matched against each other.
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