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New Features of Refreshed Kick Off Mode in FIFA 19 - Stat Tracking & Account Linking
Last time, we have released a news about 5 New Match Types of New Kick Off Mode in FIFA 19. Today, we will continue the topic about the New Kick Off mode with the discussion about its two new features and the difference of these two new features on each console. With regard to these two new features, they are Stat Tracking and Account Linking. Now, let’s take an inside look at them one by one.


Stat Tracking
With the feature of Stat Tracking, players can track their Kick-Off mode record and stats, which include detailed analytics from all matches played within the mode. And then, players can use the stats to analyze and refine their game plan and tweak their pre-game tactics at the same time to prepare for every match. In addition, this advanced system will track all available Kick Off mode gameplay information about the player and player’s opponent. With a host of detailed, immersive information, FIFA 19 allows you to approach every Kick-Off match just like you would an actual game of football, utilizing tactics and strategies gleaned from your stats so that you can view your objective stats or compare them to any opponent that you’ve faced in Kick-Off mode.
Account Linking – Players can Take Their Kick Off Stats Anywhere
After players track their Kick-Off mode record and stats, Accounting Linking will allow them to link their stats at anywhere anytime. That is to say, if you create your own Kick-Off Name to save your stats to Madden NFL Mobile 19’s servers, you can check your progress anywhere you play FIFA 19 on your console of choice with the premise that IDs cannot be used across consoles. Therefore, once you log in via your console profile, you can link your new Kick-Off Name and continue your Kick-Off experience on any console. Besides, the use of FIFA Kick-Off Name is a seamless process. Firstly, selecting a side in home or away. Then, creating new Kick-Off Name or you can choose an existing Name. If you want to create a new name, you just need to enter the name of your choice and to confirm.  With this Kick-Off Name, whether you want to play a game of Kick-Off with a friend down the street or just at home on your own couch, it will let you keep track of your stats, no matter where you are or who your opponent is.

Detailed Stats

Differences in Stat Tracking/Account Linking on each console:
PlayStation 4
Stat Tracking/Account Linking – Take Your Progression Anywhere
Create your own Kick-Off Name to track your match stats from previous sessions and every time you play Kick-Off (using Select Existing Kick-Off Name). You can also link your Kick-Off Name to your Online ID to keep a record of your stats no matter where you play.

Xbox One
Stat Tracking/Account Linking – Take Your Progression Anywhere
Create your own Kick-Off Name to track your match stats per session when you play Kick-Off with friends. You can also link your Kick-Off Name to your Gamertag when you sign in to track your stats every time you play.

Stat Tracking/Account Linking
Create your own Kick-Off Name to track your match stats when you play Kick-Off with friends.
With these two new features, it is more convenient for players to record and track the stats of their account anywhere and anytime. Consequently, FIFA 19 also become more deserved for players to wait and expect. will updates the newest information for you all the time. By the way, if you want to buy Cheap FIFA 19 Coins with 100% secure payment, guaranteed refund and fast delivery, is also a good place for you to go for the unprecedented discount is providing at there now!.
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