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Madden NFL 19: The Adjustments of the Game Difficulty With Concern of the All-Madden Setting
Madden NFL 19 has been released for eight days. If you have already played the game, you may feel that it has been loaded with new features and gameplay tweaks to make it the best season the franchise has ever seen. In addition, some of these adjustments are also made specifically to game difficulty. Some of the tuning on the difficulty front specifically concerns the All-Madden setting, to ensure it’s the premiere place to test your stick skills. Now, let’s take an inside look at these new adjustments one by one.

The Removal of the Hat Count Tackle Box Interface.
All-Madden is more prevalent and upfront in Madden 19. Human Madden database and Associate Game Designer Ryan “RG” Glick broke down some of the alterations gamers will notice about the top tier difficulty. He first mentioned that the biggest change you’ll see in that difficulty is the removal of the Hat Count Tackle Box interface.
“That UI graphic that would appear at the line of scrimmage when you pull up Play Art. It would tell you if you have a favorable matchup in the run game. So, if you had more blockers on the right than they had defenders on the right side of the line, the Tackle Box would be green on that side, indicating that you have the matchup.”
The Nerf of the Defensive Assist Mechanic in All-Madden and All-Pro
The second change gamers will notice is that the Defensive Assist mechanic has been nerfed in All-Madden and All-Pro. This feature allowed users to hold the LB/L1 button and let the AI take control of that user-controlled player. It would just kind of act as if it were an AI player. A timer was put on the mechanic that quickly disables it after .5 seconds on All-Pro and .25 seconds on All-Madden, so users can no longer just hold it.
“We like those type of mechanics for newer users to help people get better,” RG said, “but in the harder difficulties, we really want people to make the plays for themselves as user-controlled players.”

Madden NFL 19

The Play of Online Ranked Ladders on the All-Madden Difficulty
The next big change in Madden 19 is that Online Ranked Ladders relevant to the Madden Championship Series will be played on the All-Madden difficulty.
“For the longest time, all of our Online Ladders — whether it was regular H2H, Play Now, whether it was MUT Seasons, MUT Salary Cap, MUT Draft — they were all on the All-Pro skill level. And All-Pro kind of became the norm, even for a competitive player (you can the Cheap Madden NFL Coins in ),” RG said. 
The Off of the Previous Play Setting 
The last adjustment of game difficulty in Online Ladders attached to the MCS is the Previous Play setting, which will be defaulted to Off. For example, if you jumped into MUT Salary Cap currently, the Previous Play information at the Play Call Screen won’t be there. Right now, that’s only specific to Salary Cap, Online Ladders, and competitive play. Normal Online Ladders like H2H and MUT Seasons will still have that feature though.
Although so many adjustments are made in the game difficulty of Madden NFL 19, there is no need for you to worry about that the GamePlay will become more difficult than before because these adjustments are made with the aim to make the game become more satisfactory for gamers rather than to make them feel difficult.
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