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How to Get the Mama Automaton Minion in FFXIV
PC Games   PS4 Games   PS5 Games   2023-01-29 09:01:12
Minions are small buddies that you can collect in FFXIV and take with you wherever you go as an extra companion on lengthy quests. Although they are useless in dungeons and missions, they are nevertheless a great way to impress your friends. Players in Final Fantasy XIV now have the option to adopt a pet that resembles a ghost of some sort thanks to the Mama Automaton minion, which was added in patch 6.3. This article seeks to explain how to obtain the Mama Automaton Minion in Final Fantasy XIV so that players will have adequate FFXIV Gil.
What is Mama Automaton Minion
Mama Roboton Minion is a product of the ongoing partnership between the NieR series and Final Fantasy XIV. NieR Reincarnation's Mama serves as the Maiden of Light's sidekick, indicating that the spectral character is more closely related to the game's protagonists, Levania and Fio. Mama has emerged as NieR Reincarnation's unofficial mascot. There isn't much information available about the monster, including whether it's just playing about or something more. However, it's an adorable follower in FFXIV that players can currently get.
How to Get the Mama Automaton Minion in FFXIV
The only thing players need to do to obtain the Mama Automaton Minion in FFXIV Patch 6.3 is to go to Kingdee and find the prize claim desk. Tap Prize Claim III. The Mama Automaton Minion follower, worth 30000 MGP, may be found here. If the player has enough money, they can buy it and claim it as their own.
The provider Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer has Mama Automaton Minion for sale (X: 5.1, Y: 6.6). Select "Prize Exchange III," then choose the "Others" tab after speaking with the waiter. You may get the Mama Automaton for 30,000 MGP here. Break up with MGP, and you can have the minions! Actually, all you have to do to get it is finish one of the following activities.
If players want to earn a ton of MGP, they should go to Gold Saucer because all of these strategies call for playing at the best casino in Eorzea, which entails sitting down and engaging in a variety of minigames like Triple Triad and GATEs.
Playing Jumbo Cactpot is one of the luckiest and most lucrative activities. Players have a chance to win significant prizes in this weekly contest. The fact that players can earn up to 1 million MGP in a single play is, nevertheless, the most crucial factor. A daily Mini Cactpot drawing is also held, although the prizes are much smaller.
The Kingdee Challenge Log is another option, and it can be found in the "Log" menu. The distinction is that completing these objectives will reward players with MGP in this game. Players will be assigned a set of weekly challenges that will demand them to engage in activities throughout Kingdee.
The Weekly Fashion Report, a different weekly assignment, is a fantastic method to earn MGP. Players will be asked each week with questions concerning the game's topic, which they must attempt to match in order to put on the appropriate Charm for the Mysterious Judge. The gamer will receive the maximum number of MGP, or about 60000, if they receive more than 80 points in the review.
That's all there is to getting the Mama Automaton Minion in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3; to receive the Minion, players must buy enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil from
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