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FIFA Mobile Is Coming and Here Are Some General Tips and Tricks for New Players
FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of the ever-popular FIFA game, which was launched in October 2016 for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. The game has come a long way since its launch, and the latest iteration of the game is only available on iOS and Android platforms. The new season of FIFA Mobile is coming soon while the exact released rate hasn’t been released out yet. This brand-new season returns with a host of features and updates that not only keep the gamer engaged but also improve the overall feel of the game so that it mimics real-life fluid football.

Whats new in FIFA Mobile this year?

One notable highlight of those various updates is that a new gameplay and graphics engine is introduced in the new season of FIFA Mobile to capture all of the pageantry and beauty of the world’s soccer ball game. When you play the game, you will be impressed by the rebuilt pitch, more authentic player models and vastly improved animation fidelity. All of these improvements will bring players’ experience to new heights. Aside from the general graphical upgrades, for the first time, the game will feature some of the best players of the past in the form of ICONS, which was traditionally associated with the console and PC versions of the FIFA franchise. Some of the icons include Ronaldinho, Rudd Gullit, Michael Owen and Alessandro Nesta. Besides, the new player training options is introduced in the Ultimate Team mode this year. In the term of gameplay, the redesigned vs Attack mode features fluid player movement, improved passes along with a completely reworked shooting system, which now puts a larger emphasis on the players' attributes. After you have a general understanding of the new features in FIFA Mobile this year, it is time for you to start off. As a new player, the following are some essential tips you should pay attention to.

Tips and tricks for FIFA Mobile new players

How to build a better team?

swap player

Once you receive player packs or purchase a player at the Market, go to “My Team”. You may want to replace your old players with ones you just got as rewards or from the auction. Remember only swap cards hat have white up arrow symbol at the top-right corner rather than replace blindly. So that you will get a upgraded player in the original place. This is one important step to building a better team, and increase your overall team rating. Once you come to a “Swap Screen”, you may find several cards for your option and you should choose the one that has better overall stats than your current player. The overall rating of the player is shown at the top-left corner of each player card. After simply tapping “Choose”, you will get new players and you will find some or most of the numbers of the player attributes have turned green, suggesting that the new player’s attributes are better than your current attributes. To unlock better player cards, you can buy Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins at, a fast, cheap online currency in-game store.


How to get player cards?

As with the above mentioned player cards, then where could you get them? Well, you can get player packs or individual player cards by completing certain live events and plans. For example, completing the “Daily Warm-Up” challenge in the first attempt should reward you with a Daily Warm up pack. In addition to daily warm-up challenges, there are Training Grounds challenges, Drills challenges, the “In Form Players” live events, and Team Heroes live events, all of which reward you with different packs with random players. So, all you need to do is to improve your skills and complete those challenges. Well, for more advice, you can check the video above.
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