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Explore the Feature of the Streets in NBA Live 19
Xbox One Games   NBA Live 19 Guides   The Streets   The One   The League   2018-07-24 08:54:14
NBA Live 19 will be available on September 7th, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and you'll be able to try out a free demo of the game starting August 24th. The features of NBA Live 19 has been released by EA Sports, which include create your own player and rise to legend status in THE ONE; using different courts across the world; Building Your Squad and challenge others for global dominance in THE LEAGUE and on THE STREETS. With these new ways to develop your player and play the game, you can experience the most authentic feel NBA LIVE has ever had. And today, we will lay the emphasis on The Streets and to explore this feature in details.

The Streets is where you take your character to compete when you're not actively chasing a ring. It's an online mode where players can team up in ProAm games to earn rank and rewards.

In the streets, you'll play on a wide variety of real-world courts. There are legendary courts which come from all over the US featured in The Streets, and for the first time ever you'll also see some international courts from Paris, Rio De Janeiro, and more. EA hasn't revealed the full list just yet, but we're in for a regular stream of new courts to be added over the course of the year.

Similar to NBA 2K's MyPark mode, The Streets is mainly focused on 3v3 gameplay, where you and two of your buddies can go up against another squad. But if you're running solo, Live '19 lets you take in a squad of CPU players whom you can earn as rewards as you play. These squadmates will be actual NBA superstars and legends, so you'll want to collect as many as you can.

When you're feeling more ambitious, you can choose to take your player back to The League at any time to compete for an NBA championship. You'll practice and play in games to earn your scratch and help your team, and the rewards you get can be funneled back into your character with new abilities, attributes, and cosmetic upgrades to earn.

Off the court, your time will be spent building your social media presence to help keep your superstardom status. Sponsors will play air of your games, which will, in turn, help you gain more fans and get other NBA players to notice you. We're not sure how deep this aspect of the game will go, but it sounds like you'll be able to earn more rewards the more famous you get.

NBA Live 19 The Streets

The goal of EA Sports for NBA Live 19 is simple, which is to make your character the center of it. And by your character, who you'll make for the game's marquee mode called The One. Your superstar will start from the bottom and rise through the ranks to go however far you want to take him.

NBA Live '19 is set to be the third game since the big rebuild, and the company seems to be taking the solid foundation they have and building on it to make a basketball game that just might be able to steal some of NBA 2K's thunder.

There's no better way to feel like you're part of that action than with an annual sports game. NBA Live '19 is EA's pride and joy in that arena. Pre-order NBA Live 19 right now, and you'll get access to The One edition for the standard $59.99 asking price. This comes with the base game, plus Joel Embiid as a squads player, his jersey, golden shoes, a golden basketball, his signature celebration, and a customized basketball court.

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