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Time for Revelation Online NA Server Merge Due to Fandom Flowing Away
PC Games   MMORPG   F2P Games   Revelation Online Guides   2018-06-12 10:17:38
Revelation Online is going to die those years, according to forum users’ comment. We know it’s a joke cuz numerous gamers still active in NA and EU server now. But that shown a massive trend that the game is on the game to death if official NetEase and don’t take some measures to rescue this game from disappearing in the world. All in all, it’s not the fault of the game itself, but should be count on publisher’s policy and operation. There are too many pay-to-win items and gears in the game that rookies have no chance to catch up those who spent money in the game.

Revelation Online Server Merge 2018

I think when you take the time to find out the huge variations of different quest lines, the foraging system, the profession system, the many ways to make easy gold and buy aurum with this in-game gold to buy the things you only need to look better, the community system, and even the possibility to play this game completely solo, are endless. The Cheap Revelation Online Imperial Coins are for sale on now. Even if the company needs money, it should be earned from rich gamers instead of poor or normal gamers.  I have played on Moon sea and the question I got is if I should stay on moon sea or go to the new server.
It’s never too late to Start from the ground because population is dying. I have read a lot and the one side says the game is dying and the other side says it’s not. getting a bit confused here maybe somebody can help me out here. Back in the day I had some really good gear and stuff but obviously that means nothing right now. It isn’t not as complex as you thought that would it be to actually find groups for instances that will accept an under geared player for the harder dungeons? I used to have a static group and we were among the first people to attempt dungeons. I'm assuming that nowadays with fewer players there are a lot more stable groups and nobody is looking for a random healer or supporter anymore.
Really, the population is bottoming out, there's not really much to do because of the lack of online players. Even after a merge I doubt the population would be high enough to be close to the population even several months after release. We know you need our Cheap Revelation Online Aurum and we now have enough stock. Make an effort to make the game enjoyable for everyone that is still playing please. For this event, there is no differences between old or new, bound or unbound aurum. What you will receive from payback is limited by how much you topped off and how much you spent in the CS during the event.

RO Mage Class Build Guide

The new event Jade Conquest was released for all gamers last week, we also followed the release conference and made a specific report for our gamers on time. We will keep following the most important thing in the game for our gamers from the beginning to the end. Since last server maintenance, there is already one day that the game didn’t get improved, although it’s a short gap, there will be generated with many issues occurred in gameplay and the server itself. There are daily activities for gamers to grind for more RO coins and aurums, that’s the best supplement for our cheap imperial coins and aurums service. So we will help you to get to the top position in the game soon. 
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