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Tree of Savior Silver News & Guides

Tree of Savior New Class Released 2018 for Windows 10
MMORPG   Game Patches   Tree of Savior Guides   2018-04-13 11:14:15
Tree of Savior is less and less popular among adults, but different in U21 teens. But if you’ve already your 25th birthday, you can still enjoy the game. This is game related to Tree, which is not a normal tree, but a brilliant tree that saved the world of the background story of Tree of Savior. Gamers need to burden the responsibility of it to go on the tour in the game to dispel the darkness of enemies. If you need some support, just follow our Tree of Savior Guide, and you can Buy Cheap ToS Silver from us safely. This guide will be focused on finishing some annoying quests like Saknis Plains and Revelation of Kalejimas Prison.

Tree of Savior PvP Guide

If you want to allocate your stats points, as of the moment, people usually take high amounts of dexierty for Physical Builds, as it allows them to crit more often, while Magic based Builds focus on getting INT which makes their magic spells hit harder. From the late level 150s onwards, there isn’t much choice but to do dungeons and missions. When you find the game is hard to going on for lacking of ToS Silver or reliable Guides or Tips, just come back here to check our most timely ToS News and Guides, it's always helpful! Grinding is not really viable unlike the early levels. Some of the more specific aspects of the changes were based on the opinions of players, whereas basic combat calculations were reformulated largely taking in account the feedback from our own developers.
The Tree of Savior site has been updated with detailed patch notes about the latest update being applied to the game. Most notably, players can look forward to a level cap increase to 240, an increased maximum character rank. You can close this page and find out a way suits you best, and demonstrate it with your friends for faming Tree of Savior Silver quick and safe. North American servers Klaipeda and Porsha will be merged while Telstar and Varna servers will be combined in the SEA region. It’s a very old add-on , let me do some research first by digging old threads. Pretty sure it works like one of the 2 listed add-ons. Most of these add-ons edit user.xml Too. However, after the changes, some of the stats will get fewer things upgraded when leveled up, while others will get more.

ToS New Level Release

The user made some test on monk double punch with and without this program, and his speed definitely increased. Swordsmen in game usually boast great physical offense along with high HP that allows them to survive fighting in melee. If you like going head to head with enemies, or being the 'tank' in parties this here is for you. We did add new Hunting Grounds and new items to Tree of Savior with this update, but the focus was on revamping a lot of the game’s systems.
No matter how poor your gameplay is, we can save you from infinite lose in PvE and PvP. There are only one thing for you to prepare before you make another awesome comeback, that is to Buy Tree of Savior Silver from If you want some pastries when you are tired of playing the game, you can have a rest and summarize your gaming experience and try to find out the insufficiencies and shortcomings of your control and strategy. Next Tree of Savior Guide will be themed as Tree of Savior Best tips for crafting for free.
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