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League of Legends How to Improve Farming Efficiency
League of Legends Guide   2018-03-31 15:16:25
League of Legendsis a popular MOBA game developed and published by Riot Games for PC in 2009. Although the game was made before 10s, there were few gamers knew and played the game at that time, because there’s a game called DOTA, which is the prototype of the LoL, and most of gamers were playing it. Now the DOTA 2 and LoL are in their heydays, and there are some difference between those two games, gamers choose their favorite according to their interests. There are no denying in LoL, so the farming work are considerable easy and relaxing compared with DOTA, and easy to get start for newbies. But we still need to improve our farming efficiency as always, so that we can get good gears quickly.

League of Legends Tips for Farming

If you are using the Maxthon browser, it may have been sending some extremely suspicious traffic to our site recently. Continued use may cause your IP to be blocked indefinitely. Just go to bot and farm there. Buy League of Legends Riot Points with cheap price and fast transaction from We are the most professional online game currency store. Contact our Online Support service for help if you have any problems during the ordering process. Take jungle camps on the way there if it makes sense. You can do that the whole game if you have TP and can join the fight, if you have another summoner, you need be a bit more conservative with it to be around your team faster. You’ve got lots of solo gold and experience waiting for you in your jungle, but I rely on my lane farm to make myself useful.
Don’t be late for the start of the first wave of creeps. For reference, the first wave spawns at the 1 minute and 15s mark. Since the first 1 minute does not spawn any minions, we will say that the timer is 18. The top lane, which is the longest of the three lanes, takes the most amount of time for the initial creeps to clash. Ideally, you would want to be positioned under your turret before the first wave arrives. You could miss out on gold and EXP. Losing out on two or three enemy creeps is significant early-game. You don't need a lot of farm in bronze, you just need to outplay your lane and get early kills. It will ruin the enemy team morale and your lanes will all start winning. The amount of time it takes for the creeps to reach the enemy creeps depend on where you’re stationed at.
Some champions however excel at killing minions under their own tower and may want to keep the lane there for safety while others have many escapes and can push to the enemy tower all they want and still escape back to their own should the enemy jungler gank. To be honest, the best tip for you is to buy Cheap LoL Riot Points from Although tips I've mentioned are useful sometimes, but this one could be even helpful! Part of mastering your favorite champions is learning how to balance risk versus reward with your available tool set. A lot of mechanics and getting more gold comes from practice but I am going to share some tips on how to get more gold faster and ways that you can increase the amount of gold that you are getting. Do not die easily, be careful, one die loses your 5mins farming fruits.

LoL Farm Guide

League of Legends Farming is not difficult, especially when you are solo the lane, and there are no foes. If you can grasp 100% creeps gold when you are in a vacant lane, you succeed 50%. If you can also grasp 50% creep gold, you are about to on the way win. Just follow our League of Legends Guide to get more tips for your gameplay. We are always here for you to resolve all kinds of problems of LoL. What’s more important, you shouldn’t rely on your allies because sometimes they are absent-minded as well, to not expect allies can read your intention in matchup games, especially in Bronze or Silver rank. 
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