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Kritika Online How to Learn New Skills When Leveling Up
PC Games   MMORPG   Kritika Online Guides   2018-04-07 09:46:09
It’s easy to create an account of Kritika Online, and also easy to select your character’s professional. But when you level up for the first time in Kritika Online, you may don’t know how to improve your avatar by allocate the skills points and stats points correctly and reasonably. It’s time for us to help you to solve this problem. Just follow the following steps (in this article), to approach to the aim. Just Notice your own skills points balance, do not use them out for one time, or else your build will be fixed quickly and hard to be flexible.


The March update of Kritika Online contains a few new systems that center around player’s in-game pets. Evidentally, players can now trade in their duplicate or unwanted pets to a new store named Tokina’s Pet Lab to obtain Pet Coins. Read our Guide for gamers every week, ignite your passion for online games, it's a good way to spend spare time with your friends if it's raining outdoor.  Winners will be randomly selected from the entrant pool and be notified by email later that week, with redemption instructions. As expected, the Monk brings his fists to every fight with an array of martial arts attacks as well as both light and dark advanced classes. KritikaSEA will still operate as per normal until Service Closure date. During this course of time.
The update going hand-in-hand with their Lunar New Year event that kicks off February 16th and will run until March 22st, where the game’s bosses have the chance of dropping Firecracker Boxes upon victory. Following a test period on the game’s Public Test Server that allows players to preview new content, the changes will bring the standard Western version to the game closer to the Asian feature set. In addition to completing quests, players can also salvage gear and transport directly to other Danger Zones. En Masse Entertainment has announced the start of the first closed beta for Kritika Online.
The faster you clear the dungeon, the better your loot at the end. This is an amazing game for min-max who pride themselves on their combat ability. Danger Zones designed for quick play sessions propel you into the action, without lengthy world travel. And each one has a super-sized boss you'll just love to beat on! Use the Coupon “GVIP” to claim a even Cheap Kritika Online Gold from us, skip the bargain step to save your time and restart your journey in the game.  The action is fast, and the enemies are furious. In addition, one of the game's voice actresses will be on hand and a number of community initiatives will be announced. The Psion looks like a perfect match for Kritika style of gameplay. Although I’m honestly not really sure how to feel about the constant up skirt shots you’ll bear witness to this character.

Kritika Online Steam Puffle Pet

We also care about your daily life and study and work progress aside from the game Kritika Online itself. To be kind, the game Kritika is interesting, but not enough for us to give up life and family. If you spend too much money in the game, you may be bankrupt easily. Bold on your heart and have a rest when you feel tired after several hours of Kritika Online. Your body build is much more important than your avatar build in the game. You can join our Affiliate Program to earn an extra income from now. By the way, you can sell your unwanted gold to us. 
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