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King of Avalon Ultimate Alliance Conquest New Features and Tips
Strategy Games   Mobile Games   F2P Games   2018-05-31 10:49:19
The most discussed tops in the King of Avalon Forum is – It’s a P2W game so it’s time for us to quit the game. Somebody will say they know a game similar to this one and do not charge by any means, and encourage forum users to go with him. It’s obvious that some new game’s developer or publisher envy the progress of King of Avalon and want to copy and paste or just duplicate the KoA to make some immoral money from mortal gamers. King of Avalon is one of the best app in the type of simulation strategic games in market.

King of Avalon Dragon Warfare

King of Avalon is a real time strategy game developed by FunPlus and Diandian Interactive, they are not so popular in NA and EU, but different in SEA districts. It has you raising a dragon while building an army in your quest to lift Excalibur and become the true ruler of your land. You can call us the charity, cuz the prices of our Cheap King of Avalon Food & Wood are close to free. As expected from this genre, there are plenty of timers and the need to work together with other players. According to the ASA, the ad breached CAP Code Edition 12 rules, which states that marketing and advertising must not materially mislead or be likely to do so.
The major developer FunPlus has said that the game is being supported with its most aggressive marketing campaign to date, recruiting Kristian Nairn - best known as Hodor from Game of Thrones - as the face of the game. King of Avalon developers Kings Group have released concept art for their upcoming game, Dino War, featuring the surroundings and beasts available in the game. The newly opened Closed Beta is also offering a slew of in-game rewards for players on Android phones, giving them the opportunity to stock up on special gifts and items ahead of the game's release to use specifically during the beta. These grades have a higher maximum level they can be enhanced to: Bright/Green can be Enhanced to level 2 max, this is increased by one level for each grade until Epic Radiant/Gold that can be increased to level 6 max.
When the event starts you can teleport for free to any of the kingdoms of the alliances your alliance is matched up with. You will automatically teleport to a location as near to the opponents fortress as possible. Safe money to recruit some elite gamers in your guild and faction, but you need Cheap King of Avalon Resources from us. There are certain point targets for the kingdom for which you can claim rewards in the event center. There seems to be a 30 day timer, so don't save up all those maps first, but keep exploring and claim those prices.

KoA Sublime

You can stop farming when you are tired of the tedious work whenever you want, but you cannot stop your explore for the truth behind King of Avalon quests. There is a hidden background story need you to grind to explore by yourself. That’s why the publisher Diandian said they are one of the greatest playwright in the world, though I think is a crap. We can contribute to your farming and leveling process, at the aspects of Technology, Food, Wood and any other resources you need. 
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