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Elsword PvP Guide: Combo to Improve DPS
PC Games   F2P Games   Elsword Guides   2018-07-02 10:10:35
Elsword PvP is exciting and it support up to 4v4 group combat. The game is 3D graphics, but most of time the camera is fixed in a certain angel so it looks like 2D. But when you move your character you can find the angle of view changes and you can see some object’s side and back so it’s a 2.5D graphics in essence. The PvP arena of Elsword was set in a separate space, in which there are some platforms. You can fight with your enemies on the ground or jump to the platforms to PvP. But the arena isn’t large so IMO melee classes are in the dominant position.


As for group PvP, it’s impossible to appoint our allies or enemies, but I'd like to be able to train with them in PvP if they're cool with it, and I'd prefer a veteran like myself. I'd also prefer someone who's in college like me, since it's still kind of weird if I marry someone younger even in game and not seriously. To talk about the PvP in forum also interesting and need to not verify our idea or thoughts in the game every time.
I prefer to find opponents who do not stack too many effects that make themselves overpowered again - arena all over again when I could do the same - and can make the practice match worthwhile. But I request my allies to disperse before the game starts cuz that could avoid our team from crowning calamity. There are depressing instances such as when I find myself losing 25+% HP due to Nature element weapons. Whenever I just stop thinking about whatever I want or at least expecting everything I want seems to drop at that point IDK but random number generator never seems to be on my side when I’m consciously hunting for an item. Even with the easier versions of some of these dungeons, some players still find them to be kinda difficult, so sometimes you need decent gear to even complete. To experience the tedious grindings in Elsword also time consuming. Thank you Nexon and KOG, you never disappoint me in update and new contents. Some of the things said on the stream went by pretty quickly and I didn't get a full idea of everything going on for the upcoming update. We hide coupon inside this Elsword Guide, you can share it with your friends of in forum. One of the most efficient characters in the game, Noblesse can deal high damage to mobs and bosses alike using far less consumables than other classes. Safe & Cheap Elsword ED for sale on for our customers. For Noblesse, their play style revolves around collecting the souls of their enemies, and the power up their skills and themselves the more souls they collect.

Elsword Rune Slayer PvP

My PvP suggestions for Ranger class are utilizing the platforms to initial assault. When you just jumping down the platforms and your opponents chasing behind you and follow you to jumping down the platform, turn back and give him/her a counterattack or combo if you can. Ranger advancement class Snipping Ranger, Grand Archer, and Daybreaker is the best choice for PvP fans.
Other classes like Eve or Feita are similar with that, and suitable for this borrowing some tricks from this Elsword Guide. We promise all news and guides are created daily and the cheap Elsword ED are hand-farmed by our professional studio so it’s safe to deliver and use. You can advance your class twice in Elsword, every time it endows great new abilities to your character’s skills and stats. 
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