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Blade & Soul Some Worthy to Do Daily Quest Introduction
RPG   Game Patches   F2P Games   Blade & Soul Guides   2018-05-20 10:48:51
Blade & Soul is our recommend MMORPG that will bring you a lot of happy memories in your teenhood, we give four point five out of five marks for the game. The only half points loss comes from the in-game shop, which sells too much imbalance charging items for gamers to enhance their gears. The meaning of our site is to mend up this glitch for you, which won’t be fixed by official forever. B&S give us the fun and laugh, so why not we reward this game of some awesome PvP videos on YouTube?

B&S Pets

There are a ton of exciting events, and expansive new content coming to Blade & Soul this year, and we can’t wait to bring it to you, and then get in and enjoy it alongside you. Bring your friends in the game and buy Cheap Blade & Soul Gold from us today. The Blade & Soul team would like to thank each of you for your passion, enthusiasm, and dedication which help drive us to work on such an incredible game each and every day. So it's possible for the whole party to survive, even if not all four flowers were picked up.
Blade & Soul has been updated with the Eternal Night patch that brings new content to high end players. It’s easy to get to the Nightfall Sanctuary raid as well as a Heroic 6-player dungeon called the Sandstorm Temple found somewhere in the Zasteri Badlands. There are also other strategies to beat this boss, that don't involve picking up all purple flowers. And people usually survive one of his AOEs.
Beta contains some disgusting contents for female gamers. Only problem was i was a male Goon and it dropped the female outfit. It’s not tradable or salvageable. Not even able to be stored in the wardrobe. I literally sold it for a copper to save space. Like I wish I could have done anything with this super rare drop. As for general rating of the game, they nerfs the mechanisms in normal mode dungeons, to the point where they aren't as punishing.

Blade & Soul Tencent

Odd I never thought of leaving cause random number generator hated me and just only after 9 weeks at that. Cheap B&S Gold for Sale at for US servers now. Trust me Random number generator gods hate me more than anyone else in the gaming world and they troll me in every game but it doesn’t make me wanna quit. I can be frustrating I’m on 30 runs on my FM and still no ring. I am at close to 20 runs on my summoner and still no earth and lastly about 10 runs on my warlock and still no frost. Like I said gods hate me.
So to accumulate tons of Blade and Soul Gold in your inventory for the sake of making big profits in some upcoming events is important and necessary. Updated Desolate Tomb Mechanics always been complained by gamers in forum, so we release this guide for you to get through the questioning period inside the game that every gamers have to experience with awful emotion. welcome and expect your visit.
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