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Basic Knowledge & Leveling Guide for Black Desert Online Rookies
PC Games   MMORPG   F2P Games   2018-06-20 10:17:37
For me, I’ll say the game is just suitable for adult, there are too many undisguised sexual content can be deemed as porn or eroticism in Black Desert Online. But that awesome attractive for juveniles and also male adult who doesn’t have female partner or girlfriend. Never say never, you will never know when you will join the game, and also quit the game. But one thing can be confirmed, that the graphic of the game is among the best of any other MMORPGs in the world. Now the Lahn finally welcomed her weakening patch, strengthened a lot in AoE aspects.


BDO Silver is the bread and butter in the game, earned by questing and farming. Yet somehow, with a bit of observation, you can see how correct or close to the truth I am. Not like you can't log in and see how many VP's have been sold and how many are selling. VIP’s are the only relevant thing as the next item is a DK costume that only a bit over 15k was sold, than about 11k and all else is under 10k. Garish legendary weapons in BDO isn’t wise, everyone can get them by purchasing Cheap Black Desert Online Silver from You didn't ask any questions. You made a request from me, which I wouldn't be doing when yourself is showing such little cooperation and effort. You shouldn't expect from others the same when you aren't willing to do so. I've made certainly much more efforts than you all in this thread. And to be frankly I'm very disappointed in your ability to read, understand it or not will determine how you act afterward.
The point is there is nothing fun about trying an attempt, failing, and spending the next two hours trying to just get back to where you were before you failed, watching the RNG screw you over again and again and again as you blow hundreds of millions on a single attempt that failed in a fraction of a second but ends up consuming days’ worth of progress and hours of enhancing just to get back to where you were. Progresses are slow, and exp are low, but mainline quests should be cleared before you enter next level tier. Use our Cheap BDO Kakao Cash to quicken the farming and leveling period. There is nothing satisfying or rewarding about the system. The fact that other people suffer through it too doesn't make a bad system less bad. When the video is sponsored It is that he is paying to say good of a product. The product may be rotten. he is forced by contract to speak of it for good.

Black Desert Online Lahn Awakening

Black Desert Online’s background story is so bad and complained by many carping gamers. For me, just know the title of the game and maybe it’s a world of desert features black sands or something else. I’ve played too many MMORPGs and I know the scenario always adopted by some unknown novels so I don’t care about the past life of Ranger or Berserker, I just know the world map is beautiful and grand enough for my exploration. And I can make friends in the game. That’s enough. If you want to recharge silver or cash in BDO, just remember us
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